About Us

We'll help you out!

Need Dirt has been developed to help link people together who need to have dirt delivered or removed.
Lets face it god isn’t creating anymore dirt, so we need to use what’s here wisely.

By registering your details and becoming a member you will be exposed to thousands of people from all over the state and your local area who need what you’re offering. Whether this is to have dirt delivered or dirt removed. Need Dirt will bridge that gap and allow you to deal with the people, not the middle man.

Not only will Need Dirt connect you with the people who need dirt delivered or removed but it will provide you with a list of people in your area who are able to dig and cart your dirt for you.

Need Dirt really does take the hassle and expense out of your
earthwork projects no matter how big or small.

Become a member today and let Need Dirt show you the way.